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Manufacturing Automation from Provision for Robotics

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ProductionYou are starting a business to manufacture products, any kind of products. Or you are looking for a manufacturing business. Or you have an existing manufacturing business. Contact Provision for Robotics and we will help you to save MAJOR MONEY!

Provision for Robotics gives you an easy, practical way to request a quotation for manufacturing automation. When you submit your request through our website the technical staff of a premier manufacturing automation solution provider will interview you and your staff to determine your manufacturing automation needs. The provider will supply you with a quality proposal to automate your production operations. They are able to setup an automation solution that will help you to

  • Improve production rates
  • Reduce production costs
  • Increase profits
  • Get a faster ROI
  • Fill increased market demands
  • Improve employee job performance
  • Create products more efficiently
  • Respond quickly to market changes

Manufacturing Automation

Layout of Automation Critical

The layout of your manufacturing automation operation is critical to the cost effectiveness of your company. The reason you want an optimum plant layout is to create an environment that will make your manufacturing automation very efficient, give you a short return-on-investment and will increase profits. You need to have a certified plant layout specialist to design your manufacturing plant. Do not make the mistake of having an inexperienced company to do your plant layout. Such a mistake could cost you major expense in plant re-work and long-term increases in plant operating costs. Our manufacturing automation layout specialists are certified and very well-experienced in manufacturing plant layout. They will design an optimum layout for your production environment.

Automation Devices Carry the Work Load

Automation devices are programmed to take the place of humans in three major areas:

We are able to supply you with complete information about your particular needs in automating your business. The manufacturing automation specialists of our solution providers have the experience in designing and building automation that allows us to help you go in the right direction in getting manufacturing automation for your business. There are many benefits to automating your business with robotics.

Automation Cuts Operating Costs

Reduce or eliminate overhead costs of personnel

  • no salaries
  • no pay raises
  • no holidays
  • no sick leave
  • no vacations
  • no health benefits
  • no workmen’s compensation
  • no trade unions
  • no break room
  • no bathroom breaks
  • no lunch breaks
  • no smoke breaks
  • no coffee breaks
  • no afternoon tea breaks
  • no parking lot
  • no demands for creature comforts

Increase the amount of work time

  • 24 hours a day
  • 7 days a week
  • 52 weeks a year

Increase production levels

  • perform tasks much faster than humans

Increase production accuracy

  • no mistakes while doing tasks

Welding Automation

one of the most common uses of robotics in manufacturing is welding automation. We have the in-depth experience in design to put a custom automated welding station in your company operations. A robot can be integrated with your current operation or a new robotic welder can be implemented for your company to assist in manufacturing.

Production and Assembly Automation

Assembly line and packaging robotics can do those repetitive tasks that humans are dong now. From a single work station assembly scenario to a line with multiple work stations, your company can get a realistic return on investment if your production and assembly automation is designed and implemented properly. Product filling operations done by robotics will drive your cost of fulfillment down. Product assembly using robotics will drive down your cost of manufacturing.

Automated Product Packaging

Doing the product packaging for a manufacturing operation is the perfect job for automated product packaging. Speed and accuracy for this task is the basic characteristic that is used in automation robotics to get this job done fast. Reduction in overall costs and minimized production time are the end results.

Pallet Loading by Automation

The loading of pallets for movement to warehouses or shipment to sales outlets is a time consuming job that is cut down to size by manufacturing automation. Automation will cut costs and production time and assist in getting a fast return on investment.

Flexible Manufacturing

Robotic work stations can work together as part of flexible manufacturing automation under the control of a single or multiple cell controllers to produce multiple products on the same production line.

Automated Material Handling

Automated devices move products and resources effectively around the warehouse and production floor. The automated guided vehicle makes decisions about the best route to go pick up products for taking to fill orders.

Robotic Coating Application

Apply primers, paints, sealers, and other coatings using robotic coating application without exposing employees to harmful fumes. Get a smooth, even coating with an articulated robot and reduce the time and cost of application.

Automated Machining Centers

Vertical and horizontal automated machining centers allow quick turn-around on short-run metal fabrication. Machines can be set to run unattended.

Our consulting specialists can supply you with a no-obligation quote for automating your business. If you would like to request a quote for the automation of your business, please click the “Request a Quote” button below and fill out the form to submit your request.

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