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Production Automation Selection

Select Production Automation

Your company can be about to select automation from one of two viewpointsmoving your current production operation from a manual or semi-manual, lackluster performance to an automated state that will push up your production rates and your profits. Secondly, you could be in the process of creating a new manufacturing operation and you want to incorporate automation to optimize performance from the start. Either way you need to select automation to fill your needs.

Define Automation with Questions

Every company always has a great number of questions that pop up from all levels of the work force when starting out to select production automation. You should encourage personnel at all levels to ask any and all questions. No question should considered out of bounds before you start to select automation. Part of the process to select automation is the need to assure the workforce about realistic benefits that are derived from automation. You should develop a method for employees to submit any question at the very beginning of the process. To make the questioning submission process effective and readily available to everyone. You should inform every person in the company in a formal way about the benefits that automation will bring to every job that has to be done.

Production Automation

Encouraging Positives Help Definition

There is always that thought of “What’s in it for me?” about major changes that occur in any company. Even more direct from some employees you will get such questions as “When is it going to take my job away?” You need to be ready to answer any and all of such questions when they occur. In fact, before you begin to select automation or even plan for it’s selection, it would be an excellent move on your part to have a committee formed that will plan for the responses that need to be made to questions that are posed about. In such a situation you must be ready to tell those that will be displaced by automation what will occur. Knowing that positions in the company could be eliminated by automation, you are aware that other positions will be created to support automation. When you are about to automate, you should make employees aware of the possibility that they can move into more technical jobs with training. The skill of the employees that might be displaced can be used, in conjunction with the training, to move into positions that support automation. You should be able to give them assurances of your intention to utilize their skill set in the operation of the automated company. You will, of course, let them know that your company will train them to get to this new level of ability.

Automation Removes Manual Tasks

The introduction of automation into your business is the kind of scenario that is a “win-win” situation for both your company and your employees if the employees feel they will have continued employment after you select automation. You can use the production employees to find out all the special tasks that are only know by these employees and are done manually and need to be covered by automation. This will certainly assist in the fine-tuning and optimization of the machines that come in to do the work in production. The whole point of automating is to remove the manual tasks and make production easier and quicker.

Related Topics

You Want to Ask “What is Manufacturing Automation?” – Any of the automation projects that your company may contemplate undertaking should be preceded by some very specific questions and explicit answers. First of all you need to determine what the objective is for wanting to take on any of the automation projects. More specifically, what is the competitive edge that you are trying to achieve by automating some part of your business. During the process of answering this question you should find out the details on such topics as what are the current action of competitors in the market.

Robotic Automation Evaluation – When a company is doing its due diligence to try to improve the production rate, while trying to reduce production costs, it is wise to look seriously at manufacturing automation as a possible answer. A look must be given to the capabilities that automation will bring to the manufacturing operation and the payback period for the investment that would have to be made in automation. To acquire automation is a very good business decision.

Should We Upgrade with Robotic Automation? – Management of a manufacturing operation should be aware of what industrial robotics can do for the business. The capabilities of manufacturing automation can bring benefits to both employees and shareholders. It is important to balance the “investment” of both of these groups when making dynamic changes to operations.

Know Why You Should Use Manufacturing Automation Solutions – An increase in productivity and the reduction and stabilization of production costs are only some of the reasons you should get automation solutions for your business.

Considerations When You are Going to Buy Automation Systems – Be sure to review the track record of the companies that want to supply your industrial automation solutions. Find out what their customers say about your possible supplier’s service after the sale. Your company well being depends on production, so do a lot of research before you determine what automation you should use and make a purchase.

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